As it is said – “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

This time I am putting forth a story of Emily Hudson, one of the prominent personality in Salesforce.
Emily started her full time career at Salesforce. She had a few internships at other firms, but as soon as she learned about Salesforce, (it’s culture, it’s products, and it’s philanthropic nature), she made it her objective to work in Salesforce. It was her “dream job” and she got lucky enough to end up in San Francisco at the incredible company- Salesforce!

Emily stepped in her career as the Technical Evangelist in the AppExchange team. As a Technical Evangelist, she worked with ISV partners either building on or integrating with Salesforce’s platform. She had a territory of partners and she used to work with them as their technical consultant / technical account manager/solution engineer. She learned to code in that job and loved the idea of learning a new language that involved logic. After three years of that role, she migrated internally into her present Product Manager role and has been on the AppExchange product team ever since.

Emily believes that Salesforce is a fantastic company to work for. They prioritize employee happiness with an emphasis on culture while pushing one to work hard and step outside your comfort zone at the same time. It’s a “work hard play hard” mentality which Emily absolutely love and thrive in. She says every individual is growing a lot but continuing to act like a startup by moving quickly, innovating, adopting cutting edge technology, and keeping up with the exciting ebbs and flows of the tech world.

She thinks her weakness is her eagerness to fix an issue or complete a task, rather than taking a holistic view and prioritizing every issue and task against the others. Responding to every little issue results in longer working hours and less efficient use of time. She is working upon this as it is pertinent to her Product Management role and to keep up with the pace of the job.

Emily is highly inspired by her mom. Emily’s mother, who is also an Engineer herself, encouraged and motivated her to pursue a technical degree and not letting the stereotypes get in the way. She even tries to emulate her mother in confidence at various corporate meetings.

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.” According to me every girl must live her life believing in this.
Emily is also an inspiration for girls who want to work in technology. She always loved mathematics and science, and never thought twice about being a female in that space. She wants other girls to approach it in a similar approach. “If you love STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), pursue it!”
Emily shares her college experience where she was one of the few girls in her engineering classes, but that didn’t stop her. She pursued what she loved. She wants to remove the stigma that girls aren’t as good at math, engineering and computer science. She thinks all this to be a bit crazy.

Emily Hudson is 4x Salesforce certified (App Builder, Developer I and II, and Admins certifications) and is counting on more.

“Being successful is not determined by how easily things come to you, but how hard you work for them.”

Being a hard worker, critical thinker, and caring about the well being of others makes Emily the personality she is. She values relationships and genuinely cares about the people she works with, which helps her with team collaboration and allows her to empower others to do what they’re best at. It also helps her in leading her team, even if not from a direct management position.

“Your only limit is you” with this optimistic note I am ending one more inspirational story that will undoubtedly embolden and stimulate the girls who want to exceed their career in Salesforce. Cheers to the spirit of Salesforce for promoting and bringing in forth all the females in technology. Let’s include more and more females and make them a part of Salesforce Ohana by helping them, assisting them and bringing young talent on board.

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