For all the readers out there let’s catch up with another Salesforce MVP-Rebe

Let’s begin Rebe’s optimistic journey with what she believes in: “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

Rebe’s Salesforce journey started as a Marketing Coordinator in a higher education non-profit near Chicago city. She started with this role having plans in mind to pursue her MA in Writing with the intent to design and teach English writing for Science/Math majors at an undergraduate level. After 2 months of her joining, the company had a customized professional edition launched by a local partner. The data migration went horribly wrong and she was provided with additional work along with her regular tasks, but the work intrigued her as she spent a lot of time figuring out how to clean Salesforce.

Till now, she always considered technology as her hobby which gave her pleasure in her free time. She also thought that pursuing a career in Technology would require some degree or certification. But working as a Marketing Coordinator, she added new software skill set into her repertoire i.e. learning ETL(Extract Transfer Load) software, CRM Fusion Demand tools and more. Mastering that tool in addition to becoming a serious power user in Salesforce made her think she would look into pursuing a Master’s in Data Science. She even started applying to various Data Science programs but her curiosity with the Salesforce platform superseded her interests in Data Science.

Rebe believes that She has no special talents. She is only passionately curious. Rebe is 4X Salesforce certified and she plans to achieve more and more. From the day she first learned programming she aimed for the Salesforce MVP title and her hard work finally bore fruit.

Rebe is always keen to learn new things that are coming in with respect to technology. This learning spirit of her and passion for diving in tech is what keeps her skills polished and refined. She says being in Salesforce is a blessing to be acknowledged as well as to receiving. Rebe is all set to educate people about Salesforce, Salesforce Community, Salesforce Ohana and giving back. Rebe is an excellent example a true leader and makes WIT (Women in Technology) in Salesforce proud with her achievements.

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