Women Empowerment- Cheers To Feminism!!! Cheers to Life!!!

In the 21st century, females have made a mark in each and every domain be it technology, space, Salesforce, and various other verticals. Today, women in technology stand for an independent woman or a group of professional women who after discussions knew they wanted to escalate the definition above traditional technical skills. When one female supports another, incredible things happen. Professional careers and opportunities come forward.

International Women’s Day honors and commemorates the essential role females have played in framing our modern society. Recently, we have been listening about the emphasis of women in engineering, technology, science thus revolutionizing the world with their brilliance and intelligence. From Ada Lovelace, Prophet of Computer Age to Sheryl Sandburg, COO of Facebook, women have played an essential part in technological and scientific amelioration and elevation.

The technology industry has always been maintaining pace in terms of gender parity. Women in the automation industry have come up with 56% of the role in elite business enterprises in technology. One of the popular illustrations in female empowerment in Salesforce Ohana is the Women in Tech User Group, led by the Salesforce community which is driving more and more women who have been in technology towards Salesforce. Salesforce Ohana inspires women to contribute to the myriad of scope and also furnishing them with a podium to influence others.

Women Win-an internationally recognized group is another illustration on gender equality. This center operates in more than 25 countries and it is driving more females towards Salesforce. The organization gathers, regulates, stores and analyzes data pertaining to Salesforce industry. It further records the information and assesses the impact it is building. Women Win is an organization which has changed its course from sports to Salesforce. Since then it is focusing on interactive dashboards to create and bolster cumulative impact. Women also concentrate on accurate and comprehensive data analysis, particularly in Salesforce.

Recognizing and accepting the existence of girls is a decisive step in forming pertinent and relevant creativeness. Assembling information preciously from females about their ability, intelligence and expertise is indispensable for flourishing and conveying immense kind of program that fits their needs.

There have been a huge number of women who have made a mark in Salesforce. If you look at Holly Firestone, Abhilasha Singh, Stephanie Herrera, Amy Oplinger, Geraldine Gray and Elena Inurrategui are some of the women who are an inspiration for each and every female in Salesforce. Many women kick-off their carrier in Salesforce. Since starting and now they are recognized and well-known personalities in Salesforce. For Example, Holly is the Director of Community Programs in Salesforce and handles Salesforce Community team, User Group Programs and Salesforce MVP’s. Holly Firestone is an asset in Salesforce and promotes the Salesforce Community.

Abhilasha Singh, she is the first female MVP in India. A true inspiration for everyone. She has been featured as “Girly Geek of the Week” on 2015 by Salesforce MVP “Lauren Jordan”. She got “Tami Award” in honor of Salesforce MVP- Tami V Esling in the WITness Success event organized by Salesforce MVPs & WITs in Chicago, 2017. Along with that, she is the leader of Women In Tech Groups in India “India VirtualWomen in Tech (Official Group)”.

Stephanie Herrera is another example of women in Salesforce. She began her journey 19 years ago from Dell. Since then her progress has been buoyant and vivacious. After working in Apple she diverted towards Salesforce and now all her endeavors are towards Salesforce only. Stephanie is a Salesforce MVP and currently working as the Director of Salesforce and Business Operations.
These inspiring stories will surely motivate and encourage more and more females to work in technology with greater zeal and passion.

Be a Woman of excellence, supremacy and perfection.

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