Simple yet stimulating; generic yet appealing story of Alba Rivas.

The stories published before has given the idea to the audiences that how women are rising and are emerging as one of the leaders in every domain what so ever. I initiated this blog to enhance and promote “Women in Salesforce” and I am actually feeling amazing that one after another there are so many who inspire me to keep going and keep posting. So, here I am bringing one more new and fresh journey that will keep you up in high spirits.

“Not only have women become successful in entering fields in which men are supposed to have a more natural aptitude, but they have created entirely new businesses”. Alba proves this true

Alba studied telecommunications engineering in Granada’s university. She persuaded her post graduation in 5G mobile networks and then switched to software development. After working at an animation films company for 3 years she decided to specialize in web application development. She started her journey with Salesforce 4 years ago and discovered the unlimited potential in the field.

Her journey may look like glazing the cake with cherry but it was not so effortless for her. She witnessed one of difficult challenge i.e. of the language barrier. Spanish people are not most famous for communicating in diverse languages, so having to work in English, blogging in English and presenting in English was something she dealt with and she has sweated a lot in doing that. Last year she organized dreamOlé, the Spanish community-led event, with other seven community leaders from Spain which gave her a lot of boosts. According to her organizing dreamOlé became one of the best experiences of her life. Due to the culture in Salesforce, she always feels supported, encouraged and boosted.

“Salesforce Ohana” is not just for saying; it’s a support system where everyone in Salesforce is ready to support and motivate each other. She believes this to be the greatest strength of Salesforce.

She has been stimulated by a lot of renowned personalities in Salesforce. Some of them are Agustina Garcia, Andrew Fawcett and Carlina Ruiz. She has been guided by all of them at some point or the other and she has learned a lot from them both professionally and personally.

Alba has taken assistance from many known personalities in Salesforce and seeing the helping nature of the Salesforce community has motivated her a lot. Now she just wants to give back, help others and blaze trails. And that’s simply incredible!!!

Her first step towards it was when she started co-organizing the “Granada developer group” with Carolina. Then, she got involved in numerous knowledge sharing initiatives namely RAD women, Developer Forums, Salesforce Events. After a while, she also decided to start her own development blog to spread the word!

Ever since she came in Salesforce she was aiming to become “MVP” in Salesforce and now she has achieved that. She believes that some of the initiatives she took are part of what the community saw in her for nominating her as an MVP, for which she feels very indebted and grateful. Alba is quite a proactive person who is willing to learn, help and those are ingredients that work very well in the Salesforce Ohana family.

Alba also feels that women are especially cared for in the Salesforce ecosystem. People are aware of some unfair situations that women face on a daily basis, some of them related to gender, and they try to remedy these situations. Alba herself has coached twice a group called RAD (Radical-Apex-Developers) women, which gives Salesforce development lessons to women for free, and there are many other initiatives where Salesforce leaders participate to educate and make more women inclined towards technology.

She attained certification of the App Builder which she found out to be very interesting. She intends not to limit to just one certification and is aiming to pursue more certification in the times to come.
Although, she has come across with millions of failure but her philosophy is to encourage and focus are the two elements which keep her going always. She believes in the dictum “Do your best, and assume that people do their best”. That way, failures will be insignificant. With this I am ending one more amazing journey towards Salesforce. Cheers to the spirit of Salesforce Ohana and Cheers to Alba Rivas!!!

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