Story of faith woven with the threads of action & commitment – Rajni Nath

Life for Rajni has been a story of faith woven with the threads of action & commitment – a faith in the real virtues of life; at times to the extent of being shunned a dreamer! She has been one who would not generally fit into society approved molds easily and almost always end up choosing a path, less trodden on. Years later, and now a mother of two wonderful children aged 13 & 6, these still pointers still define her!! She still likes to live every day to her full potential, loving each role that she plays with full intensity and enjoys every bit of giving 100% to all areas, work, family & life!

Born and brought up in parts of India where the concept of working women was a huge taboo during her growing up years, Rajni contributes her achievements to a visionary grandfather & very supportive parents. It was with their support that she had very rich childhood experiences which she feels have gone a long way in sculpting her overall personality. While in school, she would always make those small efforts to contribute to society through running literacy classes for adult women in her outhouse, campaigns for helping leprosy patients and collecting old clothes & books for giving away to those in need!

Post Engineering (again a choice that not many women made back in the pre-2000 era!), Rajni relocated to the National Capital Region of India. Started off as a Java Developer and moved on to become a project management professional post PMP certification. Constant learning, in order to keep widening the vistas of understanding, has always been a passion for her. She went on to complete her MBA after her first child and again an advanced Program in Strategy Management from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, one of the premier management institutes in the country, when her second child was just two!

In 2015, it was a somewhat inadvertent entry into the Salesforce arena when she joined Girikon, a Salesforce Silver Partner, as the Head of Program Management & Pre-Sales. This is when she started reading voraciously on Salesforce related content, learning about the platform in depth& the different “Avatars” that it takes on, for different businesses. Thereon, it has been quite a journey! A journey of incessant learning – starting with the basic Sales & Service Clouds, to Community & Marketing Clouds; from very standard implementations to very complex custom developed systems on the platform & now to Lightning experiences & Al!

While her work profile revolves around designing tailor fitted Salesforce Solutions &ensuring quality in the enterprise-wide Salesforce Implementations for her clients, Rajni summarizes her main contribution in having the opportunity to convince prospects that Salesforce is the right “Go-To” platform for their businesses thereby bridging those endpoint gaps for Salesforce to reach more and more medium and small level players as well! As a leader, she keeps motivating young Salesforce Developers and consultants to get themselves Salesforce certified. This, she believes triggers a chain of multi-dimensional value-addition – to individuals as professionals, to the knowledge base of the organization’ they belong to and eventually to the businesses that they serve!

Rajni loves to engage with people in ways that are caring & empowering, trying to assist them in all possible ways towards nudging them to look for excellence in whatever they do. This is where the concept of the Salesforce “Ohana” impresses her a lot. She is a true believer in the powers of the real Feminine Energy and feels it’s time for workplaces to be nurtured by the feminine in a way that their very ambiances are full of life and happiness. She promotes & keeps working towards improving the gender diversity in organizations that she works with. The dream workplace for her is one where there would be so much ease that there is no need left for people to strive so hard each day for a work-life balance! On a more personal level, she works with women who drop out of the workforce due to family obligations, to help them work out ways to return and be able to meaningfully pursue their careers without much pain & guilt.

These lines by Robert Frost keep coming back again & again –
The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.

While Rajni plans to keep enjoying life, finding more quality time for family, friends & adventure sports, spreading the Salesforce “Ohana” spirit in her workplaces; what she looks at as her next milestone is to contribute to the extent possible in showcasing the young masses of today, the unlimited benefits of the practice of meditation. She believes this could be the next big thing enabling each human being to become his/her own alchemist, empowering one to transform long cherished desires into reality with utmost ease.

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