Whether you are starting, continuing or perfecting, your journey to amazing is here……….. Seema Dhingra

Some personalities need no introduction and Seema is one of them. I came to know about Seema since when I started into Salesforce and she is an inspiration to all women who have some purpose in life. Seema is working with Accenture as Associate Manager (Salesforce) with 12 years of IT experience. She is a blogger and mother of two years old.

Seema grew up in New Delhi, India and had a humble and happy childhood. She says that her parents, since her early childhood, had planted a belief in her mind that to create a difference in the world you don’t require everyone to be a part of it but the right amount of courage, a positive attitude, and most importantly the conviction to go through with it.

These are the lessons that have shaped who she is as a leader today. She possesses leadership qualities and is leading her associates in high spirits with full motivation and encouragement which serve as a booster for them. She is also thankful for the amazing team she has.

Juggling between corporate life and family life has always been challenging for her but with the support of her family, she is managing everything perfectly. Her job requires traits of patience, time and concentration which motivate her to accomplish her goals. Seema strives to make a difference, to learn something new every day and is proud to work with a team of the best and the brightest.

Seema migrated in Salesforce by luck. She never thought of changing technology. She was working on Oracle for seven years and was enjoying it. She stepped in Salesforce in the year 2010 when her company gave her an opportunity of the lifetime to work on Salesforce platform. She is a lady who is determined to face challenges and agreed to learn Salesforce on her own. At that time Google, TrailHead, Salesforce Community, Salesforce Blogs were some of the sources that guided her to master Salesforce. Salesforce website has short videos on Sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud and on many more topics. Youtube also has vast content. She recommends all these sources of immense information to anyone who is interested to learn Salesforce. Seema also says that Community support in Salesforce is commendable. Everyone is ready to help each other. She started following people like Jeff Douglas, Abhinav Gupta, Ankit Arora, Jitender Jha and many notable personalities in Salesforce. She is now determined to work in Salesforce, for Salesforce, and towards the community. She finds that Salesforce is a platform for everyone and empowers the people to develop new skills. Salesforce is a great podium that has an immense scope and has a huge demand in the market nowadays. Salesforce is a platform which has no end it’s a journey keep going and keep achieving greater heights.

Seema’s journey in Salesforce has made her three times Salesforce certified – Sales Cloud certified, Salesforce Developer platform 1 certified and Salesforce admin certified. She desires to serve to help hand to every girl who wants to enter in Salesforce, inspire them and to give back in return what she has achieved from Salesforce.

Seema believes in high thinking and the vast arena of possibilities. Her goal is not to limit her goals by the present but plan for the future and make it happen with her hard work, intent, and focus. She is inspired by Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Marc Benioff all people who belong to a middle-class family and has fulfilled their dreams and aspirations. She believes in the dictum that “Nothing is impossible” and with this thinking, she has made her footprints for others to follow. Her faith in God provides her courage to face each and every challenge.

Be a person who illuminates the path and is an awakening for everyone and Seema Dhingra is one such illustration. “A woman is unstoppable after she realizes that she deserves better”– she makes this saying true.

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